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Welcome to the site of Platinum credit cards! Pure Platinum is waiting for you - a touch of luxury. Elegant and bold, sophisticated and unbreakable... This is Platinum and these are the benefits you get by having one or more of these credit cards. Only one click and one can be yours. These are only the best card offers in platinum from the most reliable consumer banks. Please choose the one you like the most then click Apply! On the next page you'll see more details of that particular offer and you'll also find a form to apply conveniently online. Just fill in that form and submit - this is how simple it is to get a new credit card, this time a platinum credit card...
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Bank of America Financial Rewards<sup>®</sup> Visa<sup>®</sup> Platinum Plus<sup>®</sup>
Bank of America Financial Rewards® Visa® Platinum Plus®
Issuer:Card issued by FIA Card Services, NA.

Financial Rewards® Visa® Platinum Plus®
Key benefits
* Earn 1 point for every $100 you spend in net purchases per billing cycle (up to 600 points per calendar year)
* Receive 5 bonus points after your very first net retail purchase
* Receive another 5 bonus points for every $2,500 in balance transfers per billing cycle (up to 25 per billing cycle)
* Points don't expire for five years
* When you redeem, one point equals one dollar
* Receive your rewards in the form of a check written directly to you or a direct deposit made to your Bank of America checking or savings account
* No annual fee
* 0% for 6 billing cycles on balance transfers and cash advance checks with a 3% balance transfer fee ($10 min.)
* After your introductory rate expires, you will receive a variable APR on purchases and balance transfers, currently Prime + 5.99%. Please note that you will lose your introductory rate if you exceed your credit limit or are late with a payment
* All payments you make will be applied to lower rate balances first
* No balance transfer fees
Platinum Plus benefits
* Online Banking service***
* Total Security Protection®, our free package of security features, including zero liability from unauthorized card use***
* Travel and emergency assistance***
* Automatic auto rental insurance***
* Purchase Replacement***
* Purchase Guard***
* Cash advance checks at no extra charge***
* Additional cards at no extra charge
Apply for this platinum credit card   Intro APR: 0%


  Platinum credit cards are for those with good credit and that have a certain level of annual income. Directory of platinum cards with listings for Internet, cash-back, business, and more. These types of credit cards give you a number of benefits that you can not receive from other credit cards, kind of like a present for being in a higher income bracket and for having a clean credit record. Tired of high charges? Low APR credit Cards is for you! You will find that these Platinum credit cards may have higher credit limits that the regular credit cards. The benefits may outweigh the disadvantages if you have the income to pay the higher interest rates.

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